Budi home charger UK Plug 2port 2.4Amp USB Wall Adapter Dual Port Quick charger Cube Wall Plug for any phone


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Flexible UK Plug with 2 USB ports for simulatious device charging. Charge your device rapidly and safely. 4.0% faster than SW charging when charging an iPad (4th generation) from 0% battery.

12 Watt – 2.4AMP

2 USB Ports

40% Faster.

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30 in stock

  1. Dual Port Efficiency for Your Devices
    Power Up with Budi Home Charger UK Plug – 2.4Amp Dual Port Quick Charger Cube!
    Experience the ultimate charging convenience with the Budi Home Charger UK Plug. Boasting dual ports with 2.4Amps each, this compact cube wall plug transforms your charging routine. Never compromise on charging speed again – whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets, this dual-port charger ensures a rapid and efficient power-up, making it an essential companion for tech-savvy individuals.

Uncover the advantages:

Simultaneous Charging: Fuel up two devices at once without sacrificing charging speed.
Universal Compatibility: The perfect solution for any phone or device with USB charging capability.
Effortless and Quick: Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to a swift charging experience.

  1. Compact Powerhouse – Take it Anywhere
    Budi Home Charger: Your Compact Travel Companion!
    Never be caught with a low battery again, whether you’re at home or on the go. The Budi Home Charger’s compact design and UK plug make it a versatile and portable solution for your charging needs. Slip it into your bag or pocket, and ensure that reliable power is always within reach. Travel smart, charge smart with this dual-port quick charger cube.

Explore the travel-friendly features:

Compact Design: Fits seamlessly into your pocket or travel bag for on-the-go charging.
UK Plug Convenience: Ideal for UK outlets, ensuring compatibility wherever you are.
Travel Without Limits: Stay powered up during your travels, business trips, or daily commute.

  1. Smart Charging with Dual Port Flexibility
    Budi Home Charger: Intelligent Charging for Any Device!
    Upgrade your charging setup with the Budi Home Charger’s intelligent design. The dual-port functionality adapts to your devices, delivering an optimal charge tailored to each gadget. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices, this smart charger cube ensures that your devices receive the power they need efficiently and safely.

Unlock the intelligence:

Adaptive Charging: Smart technology adjusts the charging rate based on your device’s requirements.
Safe Charging: Built-in safety features protect your devices from overcharging, ensuring their longevity.
Future-Proof Charging: Keep up with evolving technology – this charger is ready for your current and future devices.

“Efficient Dual Port Charging”
“On-the-Go Power Solution”
“Intelligent Charging Cube”
“Stay Charged Anywhere”
“Budi Home Charger: Smart Powering”
Dual port UK wall adapter
Quick charger cube
Travel-friendly USB plug
Smart charging technology
Portable dual-port charger

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