Budi Universal Car Mount + Magnetic Bracket Holder


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Multipie viewing angles
Anti-shock rubber surface
Heavy duty suction and protection
The power suction enables you to mount on almost any flat such as car metal, plastics and even drywal
Silicone lined grid keeps your phone and other devices of all shape safe and secure.
Easy to assemble and adjust with a variety of different angles.
The short length if bearing devices is within 160mm
The holder can be adjusted at any angle to suit the drivers need.

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10 in stock


Introducing the Budi Universal Car Mount with Magnetic Bracket Holder – a versatile and efficient solution designed to securely hold your smartphone while offering the convenience of magnetic attachment. With its universal compatibility and magnetic technology, this car mount ensures a reliable and hassle-free hands-free experience during your drives.

  1. Universal Car Mounting
    Budi Universal Car Mount: Secure Your Phone in Any Car!
    Experience the flexibility of the Budi Universal Car Mount, providing a secure grip for your smartphone in any car. This mount features an adjustable design that accommodates various phone sizes and models, ensuring a universal fit. Enjoy the convenience of a car mount that adapts to your device, making it suitable for different cars and driving needs.

Unlock universal mounting benefits:

Adaptable Design: Adjusts to fit a wide range of smartphones for versatile use.
Secure Grip: Holds your phone in place, preventing slips or falls during drives.
Quick and Easy Installation: Set up the mount effortlessly for immediate use.

  1. Magnetic Bracket Holder
    Budi Magnetic Bracket: Effortless Attachment with Magnet Technology!
    The Budi Universal Car Mount comes equipped with a Magnetic Bracket Holder, providing a seamless and efficient way to attach and detach your phone. The magnet technology ensures a strong and secure hold, allowing you to effortlessly attach your phone to the mount and remove it with ease. Say goodbye to complicated clips and cradles – simply place your phone on the mount, and you’re ready to go!

Explore magnetic bracket features:

Powerful Magnet Attachment: Ensures a secure hold on your phone during drives.
Effortless Attachment and Removal: Easily attach and detach your phone with one hand.
Universal Magnetic Compatibility: Compatible with various smartphones supporting magnetic attachment.

  1. Adjustable and Rotatable Design
    Budi Universal Car Mount: Customize Your Viewing Experience!
    Customize your driving experience with the adjustable and rotatable design of the Budi Universal Car Mount. This holder allows you to position your phone at the perfect angle for optimal visibility, whether you’re using GPS navigation, making hands-free calls, or simply accessing your phone with ease while driving.

Embrace the adjustable and rotatable elements:

360-Degree Rotation: Adjust the mount for landscape or portrait orientation.
Customizable Viewing Angle: Find the perfect angle for hands-free phone use during your drive.
Secure Locking Mechanism: Keeps your phone in place, ensuring stability on the mount.

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Budi universal car mount magnetic bracket
Magnetic attachment car holder features
Adjustable and rotatable phone mount
Secure grip with Budi magnetic bracket
Versatile car accessory for hands-free use

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