Ven-Dens VD-WLC002 Phone Holder with Wireless Charger


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Wireless charging sensing : When the phone with wireless charge receiver approaches the charger, the two clips will automatically clip the phone and charge wirelessly.
Foreign body detection sensing : When the phone without wireless receiver approaches the charger, the two clips will also automatically clip the phone, then use it for a phone holder.
The clip can extend and retract flexibly, so easily fix phone to charger or release to use.
New upgrade mute design : Using the mute motor, the clips stretch and shrink with no noise

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30 in stock


Introducing the Ven-Dens VD-WLC002 Phone Holder with Wireless Charger – the perfect blend of convenience and cutting-edge technology. This versatile device not only securely holds your phone but also charges it wirelessly, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient solution for on-the-go charging and accessibility.

  1. Effortless Wireless Charging
    Ven-Dens VD-WLC002: Charge Your Phone Wirelessly on the Go!
    Experience the future of charging with the Ven-Dens VD-WLC002 Phone Holder. This innovative device features wireless charging technology, allowing you to charge your compatible smartphone without the need for cables. Keep your device powered up effortlessly while on the road, ensuring you stay connected at all times.

Unlock wireless charging convenience:

Wireless Charging Pad: Conveniently charge your phone by simply placing it in the holder.
Fast and Efficient Charging: Enjoy quick and efficient wireless charging for compatible devices.
Universal Compatibility: Works with a variety of smartphones that support wireless charging.

  1. Secure and Adjustable Phone Holder
    Ven-Dens VD-WLC002: Your Phone, Securely Held in Place!
    The VD-WLC002 Phone Holder ensures a secure grip on your device, keeping it in place even during bumpy rides. The adjustable design allows you to find the perfect viewing angle for navigation or hands-free calling. Drive with confidence, knowing your phone is safely secured and easily accessible.

Explore the secure holding features:

Sturdy Phone Grip: Securely holds your phone in place to prevent slips or falls.
Adjustable Viewing Angle: Customize the angle for optimal visibility and convenience.
Universal Phone Compatibility: Fits a wide range of smartphones, regardless of size or model.

  1. Sleek and Functional Design
    Ven-Dens VD-WLC002: Modern Aesthetics with Practical Features!
    Make a style statement with the Ven-Dens VD-WLC002’s sleek and modern design. The holder’s black aesthetics complement any car interior, while its practical features enhance your driving experience. Charge your phone, keep it accessible, and do it all with a device designed for both functionality and style.

Embrace the stylish and functional elements:

Modern Black Design: Enhance your car’s interior with a stylish and modern accessory.
Compact and Versatile: Fits seamlessly into your car’s dashboard or air vent for easy access.
Easy Installation: Set up the holder with ease, allowing for quick and hassle-free use.

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Wireless charging phone holder VD-WLC002
Secure adjustable phone mount
Ven-Dens VD-WLC002 features
Sleek black design car accessory
Efficient wireless charger for cars

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