TV10 Colorful Extra Bass HEADSET with Microphone


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It is produced with high easyso Technology.
General Description

High sound level with 108 Decibels.

Excellent sound quality.

Noise cancellation with Adaptive Noise Canceling feature.

RemoteTalk feature.

Adjustable headband.

Realistic, detailed and Sennheiser quality sound transmission.

Best performance with powerful bass.

Long-lasting and long-lasting construction.

Style suitable for modern and everyday life.
Product features

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30 in stock

  1. Audio Bliss with TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset
    Dive into Pure Audio Bliss with TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset!
    Experience music, movies, and gaming like never before with the TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset. Immerse yourself in a world of rich, vibrant sound enhanced by the powerful extra bass technology. This headset is not just an accessory; it’s your ticket to an audio adventure, delivering crystal-clear sound with a punch of deep bass that elevates your entire audio experience.

Embark on an audio journey with:

Extra Bass Power: Feel the music with enhanced low-frequency response for a more profound audio experience.
Immersive Sound Quality: Enjoy crisp and clear audio across various media platforms.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for music lovers, gamers, and movie enthusiasts seeking an enhanced audio experience.

  1. Vibrant Style, Comfortable Design
    TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset: Style Meets Comfort!
    Make a statement with the TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset, not just for its audio prowess but also for its eye-catching design. The colorful accents add a touch of vibrancy, ensuring that you stand out while enjoying your favorite tunes or engaging in intense gaming sessions. The comfortable design allows for extended use without sacrificing style or comfort.

Discover the style and comfort features:

Colorful Aesthetics: Express your personality with a headset that reflects your vibrant style.
Adjustable Headband: Find the perfect fit for extended wear without discomfort.
Built for Comfort: Soft ear cushions provide a cozy and immersive listening experience.

  1. Crystal-Clear Communication with Built-in Microphone
    TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset: Seamlessly Connect and Communicate!
    Stay connected with friends and teammates using the built-in microphone of the TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Headset. Whether you’re coordinating strategies in a game or having a hands-free conversation, this headset ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear. Seamlessly transition between immersive audio and crystal-clear communication with this versatile headset.

Unlock the communication features:

Built-in Microphone: Effortlessly switch between gaming, music, and calls without changing headsets.
Noise-Canceling Technology: Ensure clear communication by minimizing background noise.
Multi-Functional Use: Perfect for both entertainment and communication needs.

“Audio Bliss Unleashed”
“Style and Comfort Combined”
“Seamless Audio Communication”
“TV10 Colorful Extra Bass Experience”
“Immersive Sound, Vibrant Design”
Extra bass headset with microphone
Colorful audio experience
Comfortable design headphones
Vibrant style gaming headset
Crystal-clear communication headphones

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